Levelo Nuru Case For iPhone 15 Pro Max

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Color: Black / Clear

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Levelo Nuru Case For iPhone 15 Pro Max

Levelo Nuru Case For iPhone 15 Pro Max

Black / Clear

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The Levelo Nuru Case is a protective phone case that incorporates advanced features for impact resistance and maintaining the original appearance of your smartphone. Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Reinforced Corners With Airguard: The case features reinforced corners with Airguard technology, which indicates that these corners are designed to absorb and distribute impact forces, providing extra protection against accidental drops or impacts.

Hybrid Airbag Technology: The inclusion of hybrid airbag technology suggests that the case's design incorporates elements that can act similarly to airbags, absorbing and dispersing shock energy upon impact to safeguard your device.

Shock-Proof Edges: The shock-proof edges are designed to withstand impact forces, enhancing the overall protective capabilities of the case.

High Transparency: The case boasts high transparency, indicating that it's designed to be clear and showcase your smartphone's original design while providing protection.

3H Anti-Scratch: The case is treated with a 3H anti-scratch coating, offering resistance against minor scratches and abrasions to maintain the appearance of the case.

The Levelo Nuru Case appears to emphasize advanced impact protection and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your device. The combination of reinforced corners, hybrid airbag technology, and shock-proof edges indicates a strong focus on protecting your smartphone from accidental drops. The high transparency feature ensures that the original design remains visible, while the anti-scratch coating helps keep the case looking new.

When evaluating this case, consider your preferences, usage habits, and the level of protection you require for your device. If you're seeking a case that prioritizes advanced impact protection while still allowing your device's design to shine through, the Levelo Nuru Case might be a suitable choice.


  • Reinforced Corners With Airguard
  • Hybrid Airbag Technology
  • ShockProof Eadges
  • High Transparency
  • 3H Anti Scratch
  • MagSafe Compatible